269-271 AD Victorinus Bronze Antoninianus Salus Reverse XF EF Extremely Fine

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Composition: Bronze


Grade: Extremely Fine

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A genuine 269-271 AD Victorinus Bronze Antoninianus of Ancient Rome. Salus Reverse. The exact shape and size of these ancient coins will vary, but all measure approximately 17 to 21 mm in diameter, and come in XF EF Extremely Fine Condition


This aristocrat and good soldier was named as an associate by Postumus who had declared himself emperor of Gaul. When Postumus was murdered, Victorinus rose to power as the new rebel emperor. He held his authority until he insulted an army official's wife. He and his son were then killed by his own soldiers. This coin features the Goddess (of well-being) Salus intertwined with a snake.


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