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Composition: Billon


Grade: Choice About Uncirculated

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A genuine AD 337-350 Constans Centenionalis Ancient Roman Imperial Coin, Victory & Emperor in Galley reverse, Trier Mint, graded and certified CH AU Choice About Uncirculated by NGC. BI 5.56 g. Strike: 4/5, Surface: 5/5


Constans I, the youngest son of Constantine the Great and Fausta, became co-emperor with two brothers upon his father's death in A.D. 337, and was given control of Italy, Illyria and Africa. He defeated the Franks who were invading the Roman province of Gaul, and repelled the Picts and Scots from Britain, restoring peace to that province after many years of bloodshed. Constans I was murdered in A.D. 350 by co-horts of the rebel Magnentius.



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